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About Pure Lighting!

Who are we?

We are a company that strives to make a change in the environment by offering stylish, spectacular lighting products that use far less power than any other lighting sources on the market.

What's good about our products?

Most of our products use low voltage, energy efficient lighting sources. Most of them use the latest LED technology, combining the long life, reliability and efficiency of LEDs with extraordinary brightness and colour.

What sort of products do we supply?

Pure Lighting stocks LED to suit the following applications.

Residential Applications:

  • Home Decore lighting
  • Outdoor decorative lighting
  • Battery powered lighting
  • Entertainment Area
  • Patio/garden

New products coming soon

  • Lighting for under or inside cabinets
  • Kitchen splash-back lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Feature wall lighting
  • Bedroom
  • Home theatre/ media room
  • Bathroom


  • Interior and exterior special effect lighting (eg. Hotel, restaurant, casino, water fall, statues and landmarks )
  • Landscape lighting for gardens, parks, pools and spas
  • Wall washers
  • Strip lighting
  • Path lights
  • Small spot lighting
  • In-ground and underwater lights


  • Concerts feature effect lighting
  • Concert hall and theatre lighting
  • TV Studios, stage lighting
  • Bars, clubs and restaurant

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